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Pest Management

Total quality solutions to your pest problems, guaranteed with our Pycor IPM Programs

Gas Line Design

Customised solutions for oil and refining industries using the highest quality materials and precision gas design.

Kitchen Fire Safety

Our Pycor AFSS Solutions will ensure that your commercial cooking areas are protected 24/7 from kitchen fires and gas leaks.

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Customer's Night 2018

This year, Pycor, Inc. celebrated our industry’s energy and potential through a special 2-part Customer Celebration entitled, AWESOME!  The afternoon started powerfully with a workshop from master transformation…


The long wait is over, Magnaphos the newest form of fumigant with an active ingredient of Magnesium Phosphide has taken stage as the newest addition to Pycor Incorporated’s fumigation product.

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Our vision is to promote a clean, healthy and safe environment to allow our partners in the industry to play, work and win BIG. When our customers engage in their respective businesses without worrying about pests, disease, fire and LPG leaks, we know we have done our job extraordinarily well. Because we transform customer confidence into a level when they can engage in their businesses without worry, we are able to help our customers scale their ideas bigger and bolder. Anytime, anywhere, Pycor keeps our partners worry-free and secures them with a hassle-free experience.


Willie G. Dizon
Managing Director | Pest-A-Side

“When it comes to the elimination of the Termite colony, Premise SC® has been our only weapon and no other. Customers such as Sky Kitchen® (in-flight caterer of Philippine Airlines), Figaro Coffee®, and Angel Pizza® to name a few, have been our most loyal customers. This is because of the high quality products that not only kills all flying and crawling insects, but are also environmentally safe (not to mention highly effective), garners a huge YES especially in the food industry.

Over the years, Pycor, inc has been our top supplier and we are very happy with the way they do business with us. Thank you Pycor, Inc. for the vision and love for the pest control industry you so serve well.”

Chemitron Enterprises, Inc.
Chemitron Enterprises, Inc.

“Indeed, we at Chemitron are very thankful that we have partnered with Pycor. Pycor does not only provide us with class A products, but also with their personal and responsive attention. “

Jun Musngi
FJ Mayo

“Pycor is a very trusted partner when it comes to pest control. Not only do they offer top of the line brands, but they also work together, hand in hand -with us, as we grow our business. Their most recent market introduction is Temprid,manufactured by Bayer and proven to be a “one-stop” solution to crawling and flying insects. Temprid has only been out in the Philippine market for less than a year and it has already proven its worthiness when it comes to eliminating pests. Among our clients who have been very happy with Temprid’s performance are Golidilocks, Baker’s Percent, and the 105 mall, to name a few. Not only does this product kill every flying and crawling insect, it also is very effective in getting rid of spiders! Pycor makes things happen and is always at the cutting edge of leading market innovations.

Thank you Pycor for providing us with fast and thorough solutions! We will remain loyal to you!

Orlando A. Hererra

“Whatever you need, you are sure to be served! That is our relationship with Pycor. Whether it be delivery, collection or repair services, Pycor has always been up to par when it comes to their customer service. Very accommodating and efficient; definitely our one stop shop when it comes to general pest control needs.”

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