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PYCOR is the leading marketing and distribution arm of renowned Pest Management and Liquified Petroleum Gas multinational companies around the globe spanning a national reach across the 7,100 islands of the Philippines serving approximately 20,000 customers each year. More than 90% of Pycor’s customers are business enterprises whose businesses we help transform.

Our vision is to promote a clean, healthy and safe environment to allow our partners in the industry to play, work and win BIG. When our customers engage in their respective businesses without worrying about pests, disease, fire and LPG leaks, we know we have done our job extraordinarily well. Because we transform customer confidence into a level when they can engage in their businesses without worry, we are able to help our customers scale their ideas bigger and bolder. Anytime, anywhere, Pycor keeps our partners worry-free and secures them with a hassle-free experience.

Pycor markets a portfolio of over 1,000 high quality products and services from more than 11 different countries. Our brands are global leaders that emphasize quality and safety. Everyday, we are assessing the solutions that we can provide our customers and this has been the yardstick for qualifying our partners around the world. Pycor’s partnership to WIN focuses on 3 important partnership criteria – Engagement, Reputation and Results.

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