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AWESOME Leaders are FIRE

This year, Pycor, Inc. celebrated our industry’s energy and potential through a special 2-part Customer Celebration entitled, AWESOME!  The afternoon started powerfully with a workshop from master transformation rockstar Cherry Africa,who ignited our passion to bring our businesses to  quantum leaps.  In the evening, we shifted to party-time to celebrate together our past year’s successes. 

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Graced by the presence of some of our partners from Bayer and UPL, Pycor recognized our Top Performers for 2017, honoring companies who have worked long & hard to help promote our brands.  Aside from Customer of the Year, Channel Partner of the Year and our Top Performers for Agenda, Premise, Maxforce, Temprid, Racumin, Quickphos and Outlook, we also awarded for the first time our choice for Pest Control Entrepreneur of the Year.  It was truly a celebration of awesomeness, inspiring all of us to dream big and move mountains to bring our businesses to greater heights!  Thank you, our dear customers, for your presence that day and for your continued patronage of Pycor and our products.  Here’s to AWESOME!

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