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KANON Marine Loading System

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The transfer of all fluids and liquefied gases, into the smallest barge or the largest crude carrier may be safely and dependably accomplished using a KANON Marine Loading Arm system.

These loading systems are manufactured to the latest requirements of OCIMF and major oil companies. KANON’s single counterweight balance system enables both hydraulically and manually operated arms to be manoeuvred easily and safely, saving both time and manpower.

KANON Marine Loading Arms require minimal maintenance and all product seals can be replaced without scaffolding or dismantling the loading arm itself.

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  • Sizes 4″ to 24″ diameter
  • Materials: carbon, stainless and low temperature steels, with PTFE or rubber linings and other special alloys
  • Temperature range –200° C to + 300° C

All KANON arms, including manually operated models, can be provided with a virtually non-spill Emergency Release System.

This ensures, that, in the event of an emergency, the liquid and vapour lines are both sealed after disconnection. Once the emergency sequence commences, the arm automatically rises and returns to its parked position, allowing for immediate departure of the tanker if necessary.

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The MLA260 series is the most efficient range of marine loading arms on the market, due to the slim design and the availability of a number of design options to ensure that specific site requirements are met in the best possible way.

The MLA260 can be used with virtually all liquids and gases that are capable of being transferred through pipes. The use of a  unique double inboard arm has resulted in the smallest design footprint possible whilst ensuring that the loads encountered at the  MLA260 base plate are the lowest when compared with any other type of arm.

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