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Magnaphos Launching

A product that addresses the specialize need of Tobacco Industry

The long wait is over, Magnaphos the newest form of fumigant with an active ingredient of Magnesium Phosphide has taken stage as the newest addition to Pycor Incorporated’s fumigation product.

Pycor Incorporated first announced the launching of product in its previously held 2 days back to back “Fumigation training” last May 9 and 10, 2018, where license fumigator gather up to this event held by Pycor Incorporated. While on this event Mr. Uzwal of UPL the leading global producer of crop protection products, intermediates, specialty chemicals, other industrial chemicals and the manufacturer and developer of Magnesium Phosphide has taken the honor to personally introduce and formally explained the Magnaphos product the proper usage and dosage, what to avoid and the benefits of using Magnaphos during the training.

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Magnaphos is another form of fumigant with an active ingredient of Magnesium Phosphide where in contact with the moisture in the air produces Phosphine gas that is highly toxic to all kinds of insects, burrowing pests, stored and commodity pests. Addresses the specialize need of the Tobacco Industry. High in efficiency and cost-effectiveness Magnaphos gives quick result with its fast decomposition and guaranteed output with much higher concentration given that the proper standard operating procedure has been followed strictly. Ms. Kerry Pua Bayron Marketing Director of Pycor Incorporated described the product as what completes the Pycor’s fumigation product for total control of stored product pests.

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