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Insects have been existing for a hundred millions of years now. Although they play a major role in the echo system it is a different story when these insects found their way inside the house and business establishments their detrimental existence harbor threat to Physical health and wellbeing of people, destruction of valuable possessions that will come across these creatures and many more.

Disease carrier- Cockroach, Mosquitoes carrying diseases and Fly are just one of the examples of insect carrying disease. They may look little but the disease they carry are lethal such as Malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, etc by the mosquitoes, flies which carries an estimated 351 types of bacteria like salmonella and e-coli and cockroach aside from the diseases known caused by cockroach; recent studies have shown that the saliva, feces and shed off part of the cockroach can cause a severe attack of asthma.

Good thing Pycor Incorporated knows exactly the type of solution to use to remedy your problem based on the type of pest that is taking shelter into your home or Business.

Recommended Products


Temprid is a suspension concentrate with maximum performance of two active ingredients Beta-cyfluthrin for fast acting control instant knockdown combined…

Maxforce Forte

Maxforce forte is a ready to use cockroach gel bait. Maxforce forte’s highly attractiveness to cockroaches over a sustained period of time ensures minimum…

Bayer Ant Gel

Maxforce Quantum is a ready to use insecticidal bait for the rapid control of broad spectrum of ants. Maxforce Quantum eliminates and controls ants quickly…

Vectothor Peregrine Insect Fly Trap

Vectothor Peregrine is the world’s first design flying insect trapping features the European design standards. Build to aid the most sever flying insect problems…
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