Termite Control

Your home is your single biggest investment in your lifetime. So it is just right that we protect it with fire, flood & theft insurance. But little do we know that an invisible threat exists – in fact this invisible threat is the most damaging investment risk there is. TERMITES!


General Insect Control

Insects have been existing for a hundred millions of years now. Although they play a major role in the echo system it is a different story when these insects found their way inside the house and business establishments their detrimental existence harbor threat to Physical health and wellbeing of people, destruction of valuable possessions that will come across these creatures and many more.

Rodent Control

Rats are the most successful mammal, second only to humans. Rats belong to the order Rodentia, which means “sharing one’s table”. So that is why rats feel they have the right to eat our food!

And the list goes on and on. Controlling rats requires patience and skill, you can cannot control them if you don’t outsmart them!

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Stored Product Pest Control

Stored product pests infest foodstuff like flour, rice, oats, barley, cereals, dried fruits, cocoa, coffee, tobacco and other commodieties. ost harvest losses due to these insect pests were variously estimated at 5 – 50% in grains and non-grains. These losses could have been enough to feed millions of starving people in developing countries!

Pest Control Equipment

Finding the appropriate equipment that best suits your need really is a hard thing to do but no need to worry because we Pycor Incorporated offers various types of compression sprayers, misting machines and ULV equipments, Thermal foggers, accessories for these equipment and many more, that best suit and appropriate for the needs of the different Industry be it a plantation industry, sanitation industry, food industry and industrial. Here at Pycor we have what you need!

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