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A high infestation of mosquitoes points to a dirty environment – it indicates the presence of breeding sites & a lack of cleanliness.

For professional advice on conducting a community mosquito program,


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Pycor’s products have always been rated uber when it comes to standards. Our products comes from all around the globe: Germany, Spain, Korea, Japan and the United States of America to name a few. Pycor understands the commitment and service needed to provide their customers. We provide equipment of your best interest that is based on your need.

Finding the appropriate equipment that best suits your need really is a hard thing to do but no need to worry because we Pycor Incorporated offers various types of compression sprayers, misting machines and ULV equipments, Thermal foggers, accessories for these equipment and many more, that best suit and appropriate for the needs of the different Industry be it a plantation industry, sanitation industry, food industry and industrial. Here at Pycor we have what you need!

Then there is malaria, one of the most lethal infectious disease in the world, with at least 1.2 million deaths each year. In the Philippines, 12 million people living in dense, remote & hard to reach areas are in danger of contracting this threatening disease!

Recommended Products


Stainless Steel sprayer with 6 liter capacity built with materials that have maximum resistance materials best to be used with mineral and vegetables oils. IK Inox sprayer can…


Igeba Nebulo is a Portable cold foggers designed for indoors and outdoors pests control treatment. Igeba Nebulo uses more powerful electric motor to produce aerosol with greater…

Cifarelli Mistblower

Cifarelli Nuvola 5HP is one of Cifarelli’s backpack mist sprayers that professional chooses to use in the agricultural field all around the world for protection treatments on…


The igeba TF 35 is a light weight and easy to carry thermal fogger designed for indoor and outdoor fogging applications. The beauty of this is it can be used for both…
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