Think about this – the more we replace termite-infested wood with new ones, the more we contribute to the depletion of our forest! So take that first step and call us for a free termite consultation.

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Termite Control

Your home is your single biggest investment in your lifetime. So it is just right that we protect it with fire, flood & theft insurance. But little do we know that an invisible threat exists – in fact this invisible threat is the most damaging investment risk there is. TERMITES!

Termites are tiny, but deadly insects.

Termites are one of the most destructive insect pests in the world. A termite queen may produce 100-400,000 eggs per day. If she lives up to 45 years, that’s a total of up to 6,570,000,000 termites in the colony!

Left untreated, termites can cause major structural damage in 6-12 months, and almost complete destruction within 2-3 years!

Pycor Incorporated offers you the best termite control products designed not just to eliminate but to provide a total termite control giving you the protection you totally deserved!

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