Termite Control

Your home is your single biggest investment in your lifetime. So it is just right that we protect it with fire, flood & theft insurance. But little do we know that an invisible threat exists – in fact this invisible threat is the most damaging investment risk there is. TERMITES!

Think about this – the more we replace termite-infested wood with new ones, the more we contribute to the depletion of our forest! So take that first step and call us for a free termite consultation.

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Termites are tiny, but deadly insects.

Termites are one of the most destructive insect pests in the world. A termite queen may produce 100-400,000 eggs per day. If she lives up to 45 years, that’s a total of up to 6,570,000,000 termites in the colony!

Left untreated, termites can cause major structural damage in 6-12 months, and almost complete destruction within 2-3 years!

Pycor Incorporated offers you the best termite control products designed not just to eliminate but to provide a total termite control giving you the protection you totally deserved!

Recommended Products

Agenda 25 EC

Agenda is a liquid formulation which gives an ULTIMATE protection and a TOTAL termite control. Agenda’s unique colony management effect, affects not just termites…

Premise SC

Premise is a unique non-repellant termicide that offers an instant kill giving the protection that your structural investment needed. Combined with the colony management…


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