Mosquito Control

A high infestation of mosquitoes points to a dirty environment – it indicates the presence of breeding sites & a lack of cleanliness.

But more than being a nuisance, mosquitoes can be life threatening. Dengue is now endemic in more than 100 countries, with Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific the most seriously affected. The World Health Organization estimates that there may be 50 million cases of dengue infection each year. In the Philippines, what used to be a seasonal problem is now a year-long phenomenon that attacks both young and old, even causing the death of many.

Then there is malaria, one of the most lethal infectious disease in the world, with at least 1.2 million deaths each year. In the Philippines, 12 million people living in dense, remote & hard to reach areas are in danger of contracting this threatening disease!

How do you stop a worldwide threat

The only way to combat such a serious threat is through a COMMUNITY-WIDE, INTEGRATED & LONG-TERM program. We cannot control mosquitoes individually. It needs to be a group effort, focusing on preventive & offensive techniques.

Elimination of breeding sites, clean up of all rubbish, wearing long sleeves, use of insect repellants are ways to protect ourselves and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.



However, in the face of growing mosquito infestations, these may not be enough. To effectively control mosquitoes, both the adult and the larvae must be eradicated! Control mosquitoes while they are young! Control mosquitoes before they can harm us!



The Icon range consists of high performance products that provides fast knockdown control of mosquitoes.

  • ICON EC & EW — Icon EC (oil-based) and Icon EW (water-based) are space spray products that kills mosquitoes during periods of peak flying activity.
  • ICON CS — is an innovation for spraying indoors, with a microencapsulation technology that provides long lasting residual control.
  • ICON MAXX — is a long lasting treatment for mosquito bed nets. Aside from having the same microencapsulation technology as Icon CS, Icon Maxx has a binding agent to ensure long lasting protection to both new and used mosquito bed nets. It is easy to apply and will withstand at least 20 washes! Icon Maxx can also be used to treat curtains to provide additional protection against mosquitoes at home.



ICON is endorsed by the World Health Organization for indoor residual spray, space spray and bed net treatment.