Rat Control

Rats are the most successful mammal, second only to humans. Rats belong to the order Rodentia, which means “sharing one’s table”. So that is why rats feel they have the right to eat our food!

Rats are very smart animals, making them extremely difficult to control. Imagine this –

  • Rats can jump vertically as much as 1 meter from a flat surface
  • Rats can jump horizontally as much as 1.2 meters on a flat surface
  • Rats can drop 50 feet without being killed or seriously injured
  • Rats can swim as far as 0.8 km in open water
  • Rats are choosy. Food that are bitter or spoiled are rejected over fresher food
  • Rats have neophobia. If a negative experience is encountered with a certain bait, it will be rejected for a very long time. (bait shyness)

And the list goes on and on. Controlling rats requires patience and skill, you can cannot control them if you don’t outsmart them!

Racumin Paste

Fast food for rats, Last food for rats
Racumin Paste takes into consideration all of these amazing characteristics of rats. Racumin Paste is irresistible to rats, containing vegetable fats and ground cereals to make sure that rats eat them. But Racumin Paste kills rats slowly – so that rats will not be able to warn other rats until their own time has come! This slow kill ensures there is no bait shyness, that rats will continue feeding on Racumin Paste, to achieve almost 90% control of the population.

Racumin Paste comes in ready-to-use sachets (similar to tea bags) which are easy to apply and handle, ensuring no direct contact between your hands and the paste.

It also contains Bitrex, the most bitter agent, to prevent ingestion by non-target animals like dogs and cats.