Termite Control

Your home is your single biggest investment in your lifetime. So it is just right that we protect it with fire, flood & theft insurance. But little do we know that an invisible threat exists – in fact this invisible threat is the most damaging investment risk there is. TERMITES!


Termites are tiny, but deadly insects.

  • They are one of the most destructive insect pests in the world.
  • They inhabit 70% of our land area.
  • They are found in tropical & subtropical areas.
  • A termite queen may produce 100-400,000 eggs per day. If she lives up to 45 years, that’s a total of up to 6,570,000,000 termites in the colony!



Left untreated, termites can cause major structural damage in 6-12 months, and almost complete destruction within 2-3 years!




Agenda 25 EC and Premise SC 200 work differently from other termite control products which are designed to merely repel termites away from a treated area. Thus, these termites simply look for gaps in the treatment as their entry point to your house!

Agenda 25 EC and Premise SC 200 are non-repellent – termites do not detect them in the soil and continue on foraging in the treated area. This way, they pick up the active ingredient which will eventually kill them. But, death is not instant, termites continue interacting with one another socially – and while they groom and feed each other, they pass on the active ingredient – all the way to the queen! The whole colony is controlled!

Agenda provides the longest structural protection and fastest colony management among all termiticides. It can only be applied by the Top Pest Management Companies in the Philippines.

Premise has an excellent safety profile. It is odorless and very specific to insects. Because it has very low vapor pressure and low application rates, there is no problem if you treat the soil even when people are around.

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