Maxforce Forte

Maxforce Forte brings you the next generation of cockroach control by combining the speed of sprays, with the convenience and performance of gels. It gives you the power to control cockroaches in any situation, so you don’t need to spray.

Maxforce Forte is also the strongest and fastest-working gel on the market, delivering same day results. It has better secondary efficacy through the Domino Effect and unique ContactX technology that ensures eradication of all cockroaches.

The power to control cockroaches without the need to spray

You want fast control of cockroaches, then no other bait works as fast as Maxforce Forte. Cockroaches begin to die within hours so results are seen the same day.

Unlike most other baits, Maxforce Forte works in two ways – through ingestion and contract. With Maxforce Forte cockroaches no longer need to consume the bait, they simply need to contact it with an innovation called ContactX technology.

Maxforce Forte brings better secondary kill with the exclusive Domino Effect. Cockroaches transfer active ingredient to other cockroaches through vomophagy (feeding on vomit), cross contact (with contaminated cockroaches), trampling effect (contact with secretions, cast skins, etc.) and cannibalism.

Maxforce Forte is easy to apply and its small 0.1g spots allow for inconspicuous placements without disturbance.

The sustainable choice

With powerful fast control of cockroach populations together with targeted application Maxforce Forte is the sustainable solution for cockroach control and the real alternative to sprays. It is also highly suitable for use in an insecticide resistance management program due to its novel model of action.

Make sure you use Maxforce Forte:

  • Fast results – visible results on the same day
  • Best overall cockroach control
  • Powerful secondary kill – Domino Effect
  • Superior contact kill with ContactX technology
  • Lasts for up to 3 months (between service visits)
  • Low toxicity to non-target animals – ideal for use in sensitive areas
  • Eliminates the need to spray for cokcroaches
  • Inconspicuous treatment with minimal disruption
  • Easy to apply in a minimum of time
  • Highly cost-effective