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Temprid SC

Temprid offers dual mode of action against tough pests by combining the broad spectrum, fast-acting control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid.

Combines with its flexible use pattern for indoor and outdoor use, it has been proven to provide premium performance and efficacy against a broad spectrum of important pests.

HAS Technology
But Temprid is much more than just a mixture. It contains Bayer’s unique “Homogenised Active Solution” (HAS) technology that maximises the performance of both actives by providing:

  • Better coverage of treated areas
  • Better insect exposure to both actives
  • Better suspension in the tank

Fast Knockdown
Temprid’s technology enables up to 2x faster knockdown. This means you and your customers see results fast – even under the harshest of conditions.

Temprid trials on wooden surfaces showed 100% knockdown in 30 minutes, which was twice as fast as other brands tested.

Longer Residual Performance
Temprid lasts. This means you don’t have to spray as often – even when used outdoors.

On exposed surfaces, Temprid has shown 3x longer residual performance against German cockroaches and 2x longer residual performance against houseflies when compared to the standard micro-encapsulated product (well-known for its long lasting effect).

Effective Resistance Management
The two active ingredients in Temprid have different modes of action. This makes Temprid an ideal resistance management tool.

Temprid has shown both better knockdown and 100% control against pyrethroid-resistant cockroaches.

Temprid can be relied upon to control even the toughest pest populations.

Perimeter Pest Management with Temprid
Managing pests around the outside (perimeter) of structures is becoming increasingly important. The goal of perimeter pest management is simple:

To stop pests outside before they enter the home or business.

Perimeter pest management minimises disturbance as well as indoor chemical use whilst providing effective control of many pests at their source.

Temprid is ideally suited to perimeter pest management due to its longer residual properties and control of a broad range of pests.

The flexibility of being able to use Temprid for both indoor and outdoor pests makes it the only product you’ll ever need.

Temprid Zone – where pests & customer complaints cease to exist
Temprid brings unsurpassed knockdown as well as residual control, fewer callbacks, larger profits, and a better business for you.

Based on a comparison of over 3,600 accounts in the USA, Temprid cut callback frequency by more than half!

Callbacks are a direct measurement of customer satisfaction. By using Temprid, you have a higher level of customer satisfaction, reduced costs, more business opportunities and a healthier bottom line.

Temprid – HACCP Approved
Temprid can be used in food handling areas where pest infestation has been established. Follow label precautions and avoid contact with food, food utensils or surfaces where food is prepared or stored. Temprid can also be used to complement bait treatments in hard to reach areas where residuality is highly desirable.

A sustainable solution
Temprid is a sustainable option. It maximises the effects of both active ingredients, delivering better protection with reduced frequency of application.

Our mission: “Bayer: Science For A Better Life”

Bayer is an inventor company with a long tradition of research. By applying science to the major global challenges, we deliver innovations that address unmet customer and market needs.

A new dimension where pests and customer complaints cease to exist
Get ready to enter a zone of fewer callbacks and increased profits – satisfaction guaranteed.

As always you are Backed by Bayer. All of our research and support are to ensure you have the most effective product available.

Take a step into the Temprid Zone:

  • Maximum performance of two active ingredients
  • Fast knockdown
  • Longer residual
  • Resistance management
  • Perimeter pest management
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Increased profits
  • Indoor and outdoor usage