Quickphos Tablet

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  • Versatile: Quickphos can be used in practically grains and many commodities
  • Effective Control: Quickphos is highly effective against insects, mites and rodents.
  • Uniform Distribution: When used per labeled instructions, phosphine generated from Quickphos disperses uniformly in all directions within the treated area.
  • Manageable Risk: Quickphos contains an inert material, ammonium carbonate, which releases ammonia the applicator can smell.
  • Controlled Reaction: Stabilizing ingredients in Quickphos moderate the generation of phosphine gas

Quickphos is a fumigant designed to control insects, burrowing pests and rodents in stored commodities. The active ingredient, Aluminum Phosphide, when exposed to the air, combines with moisture in the air to generate phosphine gas. Phosphine fumigation is recognized world-wide as the most effective method of control for grain pests, saving thousands of tons of grains used for human consumption. Quickphos Sachet

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