Uniphos 350-M Lo Gas Monitor

  • Convenient to carry and use
  • Detects toxic gas leak early stage from the fumigation
  • Can detect phosphine gas at the 0-20 PPM
  • Keeps updated records and gas readings

Uniphos 350-M Lo Gas is a device used in monitoring and detecting toxic gas specifically Phosphine gas produced by Aluminum Phosphide. It is designed to detect early stage of phosphine leakage in return it avoids possible future damage and loss. It is a Micro-processor based technology with high contrast, easy to read OLED display. Can detect Phosphine gas at the range of 0-20 PPM and Resolution of 0.01 PPM with its electrochemical sensor. It has Audible audio 85db and Visual LED’s alarm to indicate the presence of Phosphine gas in the air. It has a data logging capability to facilitate for up to 3,000 samples and records gas readings. It is made of ABS plastic material and weight about 230 grams which makes it light and easy to carry.

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