Uniphos Fumisense

http://localhost/pycor/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/UNIPHOS_Fumisense_Pro.jpg 600w, http://localhost/pycor/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/UNIPHOS_Fumisense_Pro-300x200.jpg 300w
  • Measure concentration of Phosphine gas during fumigation
  • Built pump system for drawing samples
  • Data logging system
  • GUI for data downloading, sorting & report generation

Uniphos Fumisense Pro PH3-Hi with inbuilt pump is designed to measure concentration of Phosphine gas during fumigation with the range of 0-2000 PPM with a resolution of 1 PPM. Pro PH3-Hi has 20.4 OLED display. It has an inbuilt air sampling pump that automatically draw samples, it provides reading after. The beauty of this equipment is that it can log and stored data such as warehouse number, Gas number, Silo number aside from date and time. It even has USB interface that allows the operator to transfer data to computer. Its GUI features data downloading, sorting & report generation and soft power start to avoid accidental On/Off of the device.

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