Agenda 25 EC

The best strategy is to protect your house by treating the soil on which it will be built. It will be more challenging to provide 100% protection after your house is built, but protective measures can still and should be taken. It is almost certain that termites will threaten your house at some stage in its life. Do not wait for your house to be infested before taking action!

AGENDA is rated the number one termite defense product in the world. AGENDA is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations. As termites enter the treated soil, they unknowingly pick up ultra-low doses of AGENDA’s active ingredient. But what they also don’t realize is that this ultra-low dose of Agenda is enough to threaten not only their own existence, but also their termite nest mates back at the colony – up to the queen! So not only is your house protected from termites now, you are also assured of continued protection up to 3 years!

The ultimate solution for termite protection

Agenda is the only termite solution to provide 5 years structural protection combined with a colony management effect to reduce the numbers of termites at their nest.

Take the smart decision and specify Agenda:

  • 5 years structural protection – the longest protection from a liquid soil treatment
  • Unique colony management effect – to provide that extra “protection”
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Excellent all round value
  • The least complaints
  • Recommended by leading professionals
  • Backed by Bayer
  • Add value to your property

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